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‘Shed before you Wed!’ Pre-Wedding Weight-loss.

A health kick to help you walk down that aisle in style.

Do you need some guidance on how to get in shape before your wedding day?

Many women see their wedding day as the most important day of their lives. With wedding dresses more revealing than in previous years looking your best is essential.

You may be focused on the wedding cake, the rings or flowers but for many brides- and grooms-to-be, getting in shape is an important part of their wedding planning.

Are you struggling to lose weight? How many times have brides said; “I got my wedding photos back and I hate myself for not losing more weight!”

Getting married is a huge lifestyle change and so is losing weight successfully. You want to live healthier ever after and resorting to drastic measures before hand such as pills or fad diets can set you up for continual yo-yo dieting instead of the permanent weight loss you desire.

Seeking help from the Food Coach Nutritionist, will help you to set up a healthy well-balanced diet and make any necessary lifestyle changes.

‘Wedding in 10 weeks!”

You need a structured plan of food, exercise and lifestyle changes. Having a qualified nutritionist look at your existing food intake will enable them to identify what nutrients you are deficient in. It may identify problems with food timing, hydration, how, when and what you eat.

What is your weight-loss goal? Being motivated with the food coach will help you to shed those extra pounds.

It’s all about the dress!

Make sure that you fit into your gorgeous dress and have the waist size you need. Advice on reducing belly fat and bloating could all help.

Its so important to ensure that you are not just losing water and lean muscle mass. Getting it right means losing BODY FAT!

Commit to a weight-loss and fitness plan and adopt healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Many married people become heavier than those than remain single so getting your habits right now will help you both to remain slimmer.

I will work with you to:
Set goals
Devise a strategy
Change damaging habits
Get motivated
Shed pounds

Encourage your fiance to join you, even if it’s just for a nutritional MOT.

Cooking, eating and exercising together is a good way to support each other and an important part of your marriage.

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